Essex Street Market Celebrating 74 years!

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Let’s celebrate with Essex Street Market in New York City who is turning 74.  This market has some amazing history to read up on and if you are interested like I was, here is a great website with some cool things you might not have known about this landmark market. A few more good reasons to check it out in person would be to taste some of what the following awesome vendors have to offer:

Davidovitch Bakery – Did someone say “world famous” bagels?
Roni-Sue Handcrafted Confections – One sweet Valentines Day idea:  Signature Toffee Candy
Saxelby Cheese – No better time to to enjoy a good fondue or grilled cheese!
Brooklyn Taco – Give Meatless Monday a try and go for a “Guaco Taco and Kale & Potato Taco”


Meet Sara Keiser!  She is the founder and curator of the NYC Real Market that I was sharing with you the other day.  Learn more about her and her fantastic market!
Blog Interview with Sara: 


1.  How did REAL NYC DESIGNER MARKET get started?

After years of experience selling at markets in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago and many other places in the Northeast, Sara Keiser of BOX 185 took over the Market on Mulberry Street after the other two markets failed.  Real NYC DESIGNER Market focuses on REAL, original, authentic works of art from fashion designers, photographers, silversmiths, writers, musicians, graphic artists, wood turners and more.  No made in China here.  Filled with all Made in the USA items and original ideas starting a market that is all about the REAL MAKERS that fill it.

2.  What is the oddest or funniest market story you have experienced to date?

I’m not sure – this is business, nothing too funny.  Jokes are funny, people are funny but business isn’t necessarily ‘funny’.

3.  What do you want visitors to walk away from after visiting your market?

That was awesome!”  “did you see (insert person here) work? How fabulous”  “such talent there”  “Wow, made in the USA, original works of art – how great”

4.  If you could visit any market in the world, which one would it be and why?

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul:

About three hundred years. It has already become a local landmark and bears the title of the largest covered market in the world. Randomly distributed on its streets is more than three thousand shops where you can find many of the most incredible products. The local kids here its quite lucrative ” business ” – for a fee, they take stray tourists out of the maze of stalls back to the streets of Istanbul.

Why: more than 3000 shops, over 300 years old….incredible products…. And a tour?! You can’t beat it

Every Saturday in Arpora (Goa):

Opens the night open-air market. Here you can buy a variety of goods of Indian craftsmen, mingle with the local hippies, artists, yogis and listen to ethnic music in a live performance.

WHY:  love it, love the ethnic music while you shop !


5.  If you could take anyone with you to the market–who would it be?

Karen Seiger of Markets of New York – she is a market enthusiast and knows about SOOO many markets in the world!

One Real Sweet Market in NYC

Valentines Day is only two days away and if you are still looking for a fun way to treat your sweetheart, your best friend or that someone special (yes this includes yourself too), the Real NYC Market is a perfect way to steal away from the ordinary routine and try something new.  Everyone is invited to this awesome outing located at 233 Mott Street (New York City) from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Note that this is a year-round market so if you can’t make this weekend, there’s always the next one. For more information visit


When In Chicago…

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Do as the French do and enjoy a delightful macaron from Vanille Patisserie! This is just one of the many tasty tries to take in when visiting the Chicago French Market.  Spent the weekend in nearby Schaumburg and made a trip into the city.  Lunch at the market included a scrumptious  Piggly Wiggly sandwich, yummy Potato-Cheese Pierogis and the best Almond Croissant ever washed down with some refreshing lemonade(all courtesy of Delightful Pastries).