Blog Interview with Hannah:

1.  Tell us a bit about The Little Market.

The Little Market works with artisan groups in developing countries around the world who meet our fair trade, fair wages, and fair workplace standards. In this partnership the artisans create one-of-a-kind treasures, we offer design insights and the marketplace site, and customers allow the artisans to reach a global market. Each purchase makes it possible for the women to earn wages to support their families, for the artisan groups to offer health and education services, and for the customer to connect directly to the artisans.

2.  How did The Little Market get started?

Lauren and I met in 2006 when were both attending the Fashion Institute of Design + Merchandising in Orange County. We traveled together to Bali, El Salvador, Tanzania, and Uganda. While traveling we met hardworking women who were struggling to support themselves.  We wanted to find a sustainable way to help. We decided to set up an online store to support artisans from around the world. We worked with experts in International Development including non-profit Global Goods Partners to launch The Little Market in October 2013.

3.  What do you want visitors to walk away with after visiting The Little Market?

We hope visitors have a new appreciation for handmade goods and how the sales of these items can empower the women who make them. When we meet women who continue on with hope despite living with hardships from extreme poverty to unimaginable trauma, it moves us to work as hard as we can on their behalf.  We are humbled by the women we work with and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in their future.

4.  If you could visit any market in the world, which one would it be and why?

I have always wanted to visit the floating markets in Thailand. The floating markets are unlike any market I have ever been to. Vendors sell fruits, vegetables, and sweets from their Thai style canoes.

5.  If you could take anyone with you to the market–who would it be?

Kristin Ess. She has an incredible eye for beautiful things. She is a great photographer and her photos capture incredible moments, gorgeous scenery and little details that most people miss.


Good Friends at The Little Market

This Little Market is win-win partnership!  Started by best friends Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla.  Their mandate is to assist artisans worldwide to bring their quality handmade goods to an online marketplace near you.  The next time you are looking for something a little different with a bit of fashionable flair, go to and see what Lauren and Hannah’s latest travels have brought home.  See co-founder Hannah Skvarla’s blog interview to learn more about The Little Market and what market she would love to check next.




Celebrities Love Their Markets Too!

Ryan Gosling: Vintage Shopping in Toronto

(Photo Credit: Just Jared)


Check out the list of celebrities who love their Markets as much as we do:

Ryan Gosling checks out Vintage in Kensington Market… (according to Just Jared).

Rachel McAdams takes cooking classes in Kensington Market… (according to Toronto Life).

Jen and Ben make farmers markets a family affair…,,20724608_30003598,00.html (according to People).

Selma Blair has fun at the Studio City Farmers Market in L.A..,,20711148_21350494,00.html (according to People).

Jessica Alba visiting  South Korea’s Noryangjin fish market in Seoul…,,20696879_21318227,00.html (according to People).

Taylor Swift goes on a book hunt at the Ventura County Flea Market… (according to Just Jared).

A Month of Blueberries

Did you know August is the month of blueberries?  I spent the past Saturday morning enjoying a delicious blueberry workshop sponsored by the Wild Blueberry Association, the GE Café and Evergreen Brick Works and hosted by the outgoing Marina Queirolo, Food Progam Manager for the Evergreen Brick Works, and the ever-lovely Donna Dooher, Executive Chef and Co-owner of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen located in Liberty Village.

imageDonna in her element.

evergreen marina

Marina getting an interested youngster involved with final touches on a blueberry treat!